About US

About us

Mother Goose Creations was founded when Sandy Hotlen, the founder, understood her interest and passion for jewelry art and brought up unique designs made with bright color beads and quality leather material. She started with a mission to make women’s lives lovely.

The main goal of Mother Goose Creations is to offer you stunning handcrafted jewelry at reasonable costs so that any woman, regardless of age, can wear it and steal the show. We provide you with high-quality materials without sacrificing client happiness. You are too important to us, in our opinion, to lose. Guess what? Buying jewelry is no longer a problem; you no longer need to shell out a fortune or worry about the quality. Mother Goose Creations loves its clients and wants them to have nothing less than the best

About owner

Sandy Hotlen is an art lover and a light-hearted, lively person working hard to make her customers as happy as her. She has sound experience designing handmade jewelry, which started as a hobby initially, and then her passion for making clients more beautiful led her to create a proper business. Welcome to Mother Goose Creations. The beauty of life lies in loving the little things.

Costume Jewelry For Everyone

Mother Goose Creations has an extensive range of earrings for fun-loving girls, and those handcrafted funky earrings will make your day happy and joyful. A perfect gift for your girl all year round. Select from leaf earrings, homemade dangle earrings, and silver and gold earrings.

You must take precautions before wearing these cute and adorably simple earrings. Please keep earrings dry and away from moisture.  Allow all perfumes/lotions to dry before wearing earrings to prevent tarnishing.